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Zlatan Vanev training session


On the training camp in Sofia, October 1999, there were three different groups; Group A (male’s national team, group B (female’s national team), group C (challenger male group).
The morning training was start by the group A (snatch), then group B and C did the same. After B and D finished the snatch A started the c+j and B and C followed. Then group A did the snatch again and B and C followed. Then group A did c+j and B and C followed. Then front squat A, B, C. Morning session started at 10 o’clock and lasted 4 hours till about 14.00 o’clock.
After morning session lifters ate lunch and after that took the naps.
The evening session started at 17.00 o’clock by the group A (snatch), followed by B and C. Then A did the c+j and B and C followed. Then A did the snatch and again B and C followed. Then all groups did the front squat. The evening session lasted about till 20.30 o’clock.
On Monday’s and Friday’s evening trainings lifters went to the really maximal weights (100-102 %) and did not use any wraps.
Everybody was concentrated to their own lifts and lifters didn’t talk much. Every time when a lifter hit his target weight on that movement he rose his hand up to get attention from the coaches. And the others respected the lifters attempt. Many times the bars were loaded with weights which were over the world record.
When Finnish coaches asked “why you don’t do pulls and back squats”, the answer they got was “in the competition there are no snatch pulls or back squats, only snatches and clean and jerks”.

Here is Zlatan Vanev’s training day on 19 (Tuesday) October 1999. His records in 77 kilos weight class were snatch 165 and c + j 205 and total 370:

10.10 – 10.28 Snatch 80/2+110/2+140/1+150/1+(155/1 went over)
10.28 – 11.30 rest
11.30 – 11.45 c + j 120/1+140/1+160/1+180/1+200/1
11.45 – 12.30 rest
12.30 – 12.55 snatch 90/1+120/1+140/1+150/1+90/1x2+120/1+140/1
12.55 – 13.40 rest
13.40 – 13.55 c + j 90/1+120/1+160/1+(200/1 missed the jerk)+190/1
13.55 – 14.00 rest
14.00 – 14.13 front squat 160/1+200/1+220/1+240/1
14.30 – 15.00 lunch

17.45 – 18.00 snatch 90/1+120/1+140/1+150/1+160/1
19.00 – 19.12 Abadjev kept a speech to the lifters
19.12 – 19.18 rest
19.18 – 19.35 c + j 100/1+130/1+160/1+190/1+205/1
19.35 – 20.18 rest (listening classical musik)
20.18 – 20.30 snatch 90/2+110/1+140/1+(150/1 went over)
20.30 – 20.55 rest
20.55 – 21.06 front squat 140/2+210/1+(250/1 didn’t get it)+240/1
21.30 – 22.00 dinner