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Which area to focus on?

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Which area to focus on?

Since I am new, which area should I focus on? Or should I not do that? Do I work each area on a schedule? Or just concentrate on say my arms first and then slowly move to another area of my body?

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Re: Which area to focus on?

as i am into gymming from 2 years i started as a fresher i started first concentrate on my arms and chest then after regular gymming i made a proper schedule and started concentrating on every part of my body.

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Re: Which area to focus on?

You should go to the gym and the gym instructor will lead you what you should do first or you can ask friends what should you do first. Hmmm for me I will recommend loss weight first once you've done this you can now proceed body building, my focus is my corr or gain some strength through power lifting and do some push ups everyday :)

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