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World Crossfit Open Games 2018

Eldmóður – The Fire Within the Crossfit Athletes of Iceland

Eldmóður is an old Icelandic word, which, while having no direct translation into modern day English, it’s been described as ‘passion’, ‘enthusiasm’ or ‘the fire within’.

Author: Robbie Wild Hudson

On the 19th of February the work of Eldmóður with be being showcased in a gallery in central London (G.F. Smith Show Space, 27-28 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W8DH).

Alongside the exhibition the head coach of The Progrm John Singleton and European CrossFit athlete Jacqueline Dahlstrøm will be there doing a Q + A from 13.00 discussing training and preparing yourself during The CrossFit Open.

300,000 athletes enter the annual World Crossfit Open Games to battle physical and mental exhaustion to become the one male, female and team champion. A huge anomaly in these numbers are the level of participants and eventual victors that herald from Iceland, which enjoys a population of a mere 320K but constantly takes high podium positions.

The European Crossfit Team comprised of four athletes, three of which were Icelanders. Why? We believe this is because of Eldmóður. This is an old Icelandic word, which has many meanings, the most common of which is ‘the fire and passion within’.

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