Post Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:13 am

Vegetables and fruits I know that will help you lose weight.

Starting with vegetables, cabbage will help you lose weight faster. You can eat cabbage when fried or boiled. Whatever suits your taste. :P But don't forget that adding cabbage to your diet daily will help you lose weight faster. When I used to eat it, I noticed my belly getting flat and reduced in size.

Another vegetable to help you lose weight in two weeks is asparagus. I have never tasted or see it being sold at my local market but I am 100% sure you can lose weight when you eat it daily. I have done research and so you can trust me. ;)

A fruit I know that can help you lose unwanted fat on the belly is called avocado. This fruit has natural fats which helps in burning and getting rid of unwanted fat in the abdomen. It has given me a flat belly when I used to eat it often.

I am not sure if pineapples and watermelons helps in losing weight but you will notice your abdomen getting smaller just incase it was "fat". The juices in this fruits will always work their magic.

Lemons and lemon water are good for losing weight but don't take if you have ulcers or stomach infections. To be on the safe side, I won't recommend consuming lemons.

Don't forget to drink water everyday.